Love Thy Neighbor: 

Love Thy Neighbor is a division under Kendrix & Kendrix LLC, which is operated by Zechariah and his brother, Hezekiah Bailey, who serve as President and Vice-President, respectively. While Tyrus Kendrix serves as the CEO of this brand!


Love Thy Neighbor
“Where kids love and inspire each other!”

Love Thy Neighbor is designed to teach children of all ethnicities and backgrounds, to not only accept each other for who they are, but also, inspire them to become the person they are destined to be. Though these children may have disabilities, they too, can achieve anything, with the right tools and guidance! Through our variety of children’s books, which will address various issues, as well as solutions, the parents as well as their children, will be able to identify themselves, in a positive light! We will also provide educational materials, host workshops and planned events, in order to reach parents from all over the country, providing information they need in order to help their children be successful in life!