Follow your dreams into reality! This is the philosophy that Tyrus Kendrix lives by. Tyrus has certainly taken this to heart, as he journeys to his professional fulfillment. Since graduating from Davenport University with his degree in Business, he has worked in the public school system as a Business Management Teacher. It was in his 13th year of teaching that he felt the need to do something creative, innovative and new!

Ever since he was a little boy, Tyrus enjoyed watching his mother write and recite several poems and short stories at home. It was then, he became fascinated with the ideal of writing and shortly after, started writing poems and short stories of his own.

Realizing that his desire for writing grew stronger and more and more creative, as time went on, he then felt the need to put it in motion even more! It was then, he started writing more and more short stories, that soon developed into what is now, “The Hezekiah Series, “ among other developing stories that will soon be released.

Having formed Kendrix & Kendrix LLC., a creative content of development and publishing company, Tyrus remains actively committed to developing innovative, high quality educational entertainment that enriches the lives of families, their children, as well as the communities, in which they live. With subjects that covers sensitive matters, children with disabilities, bullying, friendship, laughter, teamwork as well as biographical stories, just to name a few. Tyrus’ advice to the children is simply this: Follow the path where you can dream while being awake, and travel the world through writing!